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Deliver powerful business websites and marketing solutions Our unified hosted platform is built for web designers, developers, and Intranets

rave7 is a easy to use end-to-end customizable web application framework

Not just a CMS: CRM, Email Marketing, Help Desk, Event/Calendar Management, Project Management, Reporting, Analytics, Mobile Platform

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Our Features

Multiple Websites & Templates

A single rave7 install can manage any number of websites easily. Domains and domain aliases can easily be directed to any website/template.

Role Based Security

You can assign security to individual users or by roles. Grant/restrict access to virtually any part of the system.

Form Designer

Build forms and surveys with our advanced for designer. Forms can submit to any rave7 database and of course directly into the CRM module.

Database Support

rave7 supports virtually any commercial database backed via ODBC.


rave7 has a power plugin architecture that allows you to build virtually anything you want and plugin it into the CMS.

Caching & Perfomance

A rave7 website is self caching so it makes page loads "snappy". Full pages or just regions on a page can be cached to increase performance.


Our template language makes it possible to use any HTML/CSS/JS template on the internet.

Friendly URLs

You have several options in how you choose to build your URLs for SEO purposes.

and more...

The rave7 Content Management System supports all current technology like jQuery, HTML, CSS, XHTML, Flash, etc. We?ve created a system that allows you to determine how you will develop and deploy your next website, without being constrained by a rigid CMS

If you're a developer, and specifically ColdFusion, then you're going to love rave7! You can use your full skill set to develop sites. This means you can extend the CMS by building your own plugins using includes, modules, CFC's, whatever you want

rave7 shines as a Intranet framework. We have a robust API for specialized development and access to resources. By utilizing rave7 for your next Intranet project, we guarantee you'll save thousands of dollars in development costs by leveraging rave7

We're not the only ones excited thrilled about the rave7 business platform!