Beyond HTML Content

If you're a developer, and specifically ColdFusion, then you're going to love rave7! You can use your full skill set to develop sites. This means you can extend the CMS by building your own plugins using includes, modules, CFC's, whatever you want, to deliver sites to your clients.

rave7™ is more than just a CMS. It's a business platform that allows you to service your customers in new and exciting ways. The possibilities are endless. You know how it is. Once you establish a business relationship with a customer, it often opens doors to other areas of the business. So rave7™ allows you to reach into theses areas thanks to its vast functionality and plugin architecture.

Plug it in plug it in!

You can create any new functionality the customer may need from small to full blown apps, and plug it into the CMS. You can even use our page security features to restrict user access to the module if required. And if your client needs some custom development that you can't provide, then we can do it for you..

There's literally no limit to what you can build and plug into rave7™ . The database is accessible and customizable, and all form and table layouts are 100% customizable.

Build it and Resell It

Businesses or individuals can resell rave7™ and set your own prices. We keep the base price, and you can charge your client whatever you want. In addition to the base price for the modules, there are also opportunities for training and support revenues. System integrators with a proven track record may submit a business plan and get even higher discounts.

Grow Your Business

Once you deploy a system for a client, it opens other opportunities because now you have a valued client that may require additional development or services. With rave7™, you can up-sell your customers Help Desk, CRM, CMS, and the rest of the rave7 platform modules.

Well here's where it gets interesting. The rave7 CMS does not limit you in any way when it coming to designing a website. We're serious about giving web developers the tools and freedom, to create designs using XHTML/CSS standards as well as ColdFusion code (if required), to take things to the next level.

ColdFusion Coding

Yes you can just use standard HTML/XHTML/CSS in your designs, or you can mix in some ColdFusion code directly into your templates as well, no restrictions.

Use a Template

If you rather not start from scratch, you can also use one of our pre-made templates as a starting point, and modify it as you see fit. You can design off line and upload your template to the system for it's final tweaks, the choice is yours..

Plugins extend the CMS's capabilities

So you've developed a website but it needs some custom functionality, perhaps it needs to interact with one of the system databases or even a new database that you'd like to add to the system. No problem. Our plugin architecture allows you to do just about anything and in the end, you'll look like a star to your customer when you keep on saying yes we can do that, to items that were on their wish list!

Help and support

We all need a little help from time to time, so we have support resources to assist you when needed.

rave7creates opportunities.