The rave7™ Content Management System supports all current technology like jQuery, HTML, CSS, XHTML, Flash, etc. We’ve created a system that allows you to determine how you will develop and deploy your next website, without being constrained by a rigid CMS.

For Web Designers

Here's just a few options we think you'll enjoy:

Templates - rave7™ has a selection of web templates you can use to get you started in building your site. You can also download and use templates from many template sites on the Internet or of course, build one from scratch. In fact, any page in the entire site can have its own template. That's what we call maximum flexibility. This allows you to change the look and fee for different areas of your web site.

No limits - It's quite simple, if you can create a design, you can use it with rave7™

Standards - rave7™ uses standard H1 and H2 elements for page titles. You can however use whatever elements you want for page title, blog posts etc.

Flexibility - You can use our built in editor to edit website templates, or design your site offline, and upload it when it's ready, your choice. rave7™ makes it easy to edit and add new pages into your site. Using drag and drop, you can even re-arrange your sitemap at any time. Supports multiple templates and websites for a single client.

Plugins - Lots of plugins are available like image galleries, contact and registration forms, Google maps, news releases, blog, calendars etc. We do all the heavy lifting for you

SEO support - You can set the page title, browser title, page descriptions and friendly human readable URLS are built right in. Users can set meta descriptions and keywords on a page by page basis as well for full control. We also build sitemap XML files for you, it's all there

The rave7™ CMS takes the grunt work out of web design, and using templates, it allows you to create and deploy website in days not weeks or months allowing you to focus on growing your business, not trying to figure out how to get things done.