Adding Users

To add a new administrative type user to rave7:

  • Log in to the Administration Console.
  • Click the Users icon at the top of the console.
  • In the Add New link, enter the basic user information.
  • Select the desired Security Options for the user
  • Click the Submit button

When it comes to users being able to edit web pages, there are three basic roles to choose from. These are Editor, Author, and Contributor.


An editor can publish, edit, and delete any web page, and upload media.


An author can edit, publish and delete their own pages, and upload media.


A contributor may only submit pages.


Emailing A Users Password To Them
(Depending on your rave7 version, this may already be setup)

1. Setup a responder to format your email as follows:

Then, on the "Responder Setup" tab, enter the following information:

Change the from address and subject to your own information. Lastly, edit the "user" form and attach the responder to the form.

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In order to edit anything in a rave7 managed web site, you first must assign security rights to the desired users.