Page Edit Settings Tab

The following are the options on the settings tab available when editing a page:

Link Related

These options are additional security options applied AFTER the system honours the "Global Page Visibility" settings for the page.

Link is visible to anyone
Any user may see/access this link

NEVER display this link on the menus
The link will never be included in the sitemap or sidebar menu

NEVER display this link on the menus accept for Administrators
Only system administrators will be able to see the link on the sitemap or sidebar

Users may see the link but must be logged in to access it
Once a user selects this link, if they are not logged in, they will be prompted to login and they be taken to the page.

Hide link if user is logged in
If the user is logged in to the web site, the link will no longer be visible

This link is a place holder and has no URL
When selected, the link will be present in the menus but it will not be clickable

Use the page title as a language tag for the title, browser title & alternate page title
This option will look in the language database for a tag of the same name and use that tag in place of the actual page title. This option is another method of setting up multi-lingual sites

This link is a footer link
Indicates to the system that this is a footer link. The Login Site Map Contact Us Mobile Site template macro can be used to display these links.

This page is within the store but is NOT a store category
When setting categories for the shopping cart, you simply add new pages under the page that has the store on it. By default, any page under the store will be used for a shopping category. You can use this option to create pages in the shopping area that are not store categories.


Remove the URL Trail from this document
Removes the URL breadcrumb trail from the top of the page

Remove the title from this page
Removes the title from the page

Remove the print and email to friend options from this page
Removes the print and email to a friend icons from the top right of the page

Use the sidebar menu when this page is used
Indicates that the sidebar should be used on this page

Force the use the sidebar menu even if a parent page has removed the side menu on all sub pages
This option will force the user of the sidebar menu even if a parent page has turned it off

Remove the sidebar menu when this page is used
Suppresses the display of the sidebar on this page

Remove the sidebar menu when this page is used (and on all sub pages)
Removes the sidebar from the page and on all sub-pages

Other Options

Make this page searchable
Allows the page to be visible in site searches

Edit this page using plain text
There may be times when you need to edit a page using plain text. This option provides this functionality

Exclude from sitemap
This option prevents the link from being displayed in the sitemap

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