Following is a partial list of plugins and apps you can add to any page in your website. As you can see, there's a lot! Most of the plugins have a variety of users settings. We're always adding new plugins to the system and developers can add their own as well.

This plugin allows you to add audio files (MP3), to your website pages.
The blog plugin adds a full featured blog to any page in your site. Blog entries have a variety of options like categories, tags, summaries, audio or video.
The calendar app allows you to add a calendar of events to your website. Visitors can also register for events and even pay for them if required online.
This app allows you add job posting to your website. Website visitors can view your job postings, apply for a job and attached their resume.
Change Password
This app allows a user to change their password
This little gem allows you to create a "chunk" of HTML and then insert it anywhere in your site. When you update the chunk, it naturally changes it anywhere in your site you've included it.
Contact Us
This app makes it easy to include a "Contact Us" form on your site. You can setup what email address the information collected by the form is sent to, and also add the information to rave7's CRM database as well.
Custom Plugin
This app allows system integrators and partners to offer their customers custom CFML.
Document Links
This app provides a simple way to include a list of any URLs on a page.
Email List Manager
This app allows a user to manage their subscriptions to your email lists.
Email List Signup
This app allows a user to subscribe to a specific email list. A great option for email campaigns and landing pages.
Allows a user to search the Knowledge for frequently asked questions.
Forgot Password
The app allows the user to retrieve a forgotten password.
This app allows you to include any form from the form designer on a page.
Google Address
This app allows you to include a Google map of any address
Jquery Slider
Allows you to create a cool slideshow of images of the media manager
Knowledge Base
This app allows your customers to search your Knowledge Base from the Help Desk
Message Board
This app adds a message board to your website
My Account
This app allows a user to manage the email list subscriptions, manage their bill to and ship to addresses, view their order history, service agreements, plus more...
News Preleases
This app allows you to include news/press releases on a page
Nivo Slider
This app includes the popular jQuery Nivo slider on a page that displays a slide show of images with lots of awesome transitions
Picture Gallery
This app allows you to create a gallery of images with title and descriptions. (It's the app used on this page)
This app allows your website visitors to register for system access. The registration form adds the user to the CRM database
This app allows the website visitor to share the current webpage on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social sites. It also can be used in the blog so users can share your blog posts
Shopping Cart
This app drops in a shopping cart onto a web page
This app displays a store on a web page. rave7 allows you to populate the store using a product database
This app allows you to display customer testimonials on your website
This app allows you to add a video on a web page. You can upload videos from your own computer or include them from popular video site like YouTube, Video etc.