Form Designer

When you navigate to a page that has a form on it, either in the administration area or the web site, if you have form edit access, you'll see a yellow pencil in the bottom right corner of the form:

Click this icon to edit the form. You can also go directly to the form designer to add and edit any form. To access the form designer, from the Admin Console and click the "Forms" icon.

The form designer allows you to create and manage forms, table layouts, graphs, search templates. Click on the form name to edit the form. To add a new form, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, select a form type, select a "Database field definition file" and enter a form name:

The Database field definition file is a file that provides the required information about the database to the form. For example. to create a form to manage customer data, you'd select the customer file.

Click on a form, table layout, graph or search form to edit it:

From here you can re-arrange the order of the fields by using the "Up" and "Down" buttons. Click delete to remove a field from the layout. To edit a fields properties, double click on it:

By default, you'll see the basic and most commonly used elements of the fields properties.

Field Type

This is the type of field you'd like to use. A text field, numeric, date etc.


The caption of the field.

Database Field

This is the database field the element related to.

Default Value

Optionally, you can specify a default value

Other Options

The other checkbox options allow you to further customize the field

Click the "Advanced" button to reveal additional advanced options.

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