Styling With CSS

Forms can be styled using CSS to acheive whatever style is required as follows:

Forms are created using a table. One column for the captions, and one for the input fields.

Form Classes and ID's

The table that holds the formtableform 
The table caption cell captioncell
The cell that holds the input field inputcell
All form input and select fields inputentry
All form textarea fields textareaentry


Using the above ID's and classes, you should be able to add CSS directly to the form as folllows.

Click the "Edit Text" tab at the top of the form and add a style tag to enter your own styles:


Styling With CSS


In addition, when you dould click a form input field to edit its properties, you can click the advanced button to display some advanced options:

Styling With CSS

Styling With CSS

These advanced options allow you to add styles, classes and ID's directly to the row that contains the element you're editing. These ID's can be using by includinv your own JavaScript directly in the form.

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