The event manager allows you to post simple calendar events as well as schedule events that require registration. The system provides:

  • simple calendaring
  • advance training management allows you to manage instructors and trainees
  • date recurrences
  • conflict resolution by day, time, location, room
  • users can register and pay for events online
  • admins can manually register users for events
  • wait list management
  • email notifications to notify users, admins of scheeduling activities

To begin, access the Event Manager option from the main menu:


Event Manager


By default, a list of all your scheduled events are listed:


Event Manager


The main options at the top of the module are:


Event Listing

Displays the list of all your scheduled events


Create New Event

Creates a new event


Search Users

Allows you to search for users and to then view the events they are registered for or to register them for an event


View Users On A Waiting List

Display all users currently on a waiting list for an event


Manage Locations

Allows you to enter locations for scheduling events 


View conflicts

View all events that have a scheduing conflict based on date, time, location, room


Creating A New Event

To creatre a new event, click the add new option


Event Manager


This displays add event form where you enter the details of your new event. Once you submit your event you can use the recurrence option to further specify what days the event should run on.  

The event start date and end date govern the recurrence dates. So if you want to schedule an event that runs on Monday, Tuesday, Friday from Jan 1, 2011, Apr 1, 2011, you would do so as follows:

Enter the event start and end dates:


Event Manager


Then click the Recurrence tab and make the following selections:


Event Manager


At the bottom portion of the screen, the actual days that have been scheduled are displayed on the calendars. You have to option of making spcific changes to the scheduled dates by checking or un-checking the desired dates, then click the Save Selected Dates button.  Using the Update button will reset the selected dates to the computer generated recurrence dates.