Manage Websites

rave7 allows you to manage multiple websites based on your license. Each website shares the underlying resources of the system like forms, images etc.

Each web site functions independently and maintains it own content, menus, layout etc. From the Admin Console select the "Manage Websites" option from the main menu. This will display all the websites you have created:

To create a new website, click the "Copy Current Website" link:

Enter the name of your new site, (do not use and spaces), and enter an optional description. You also have the option to either copy all the pages from the current site or not. Depending on the requirements of the new site, this may give you a head start.

After you create a new web site click the radio button below the web site image and then click the "Activate The Selected Web Site" button to activate the site for your sessionPlease note this action DOES NOT make the website active for any domain. 


Welcome to the rave7 on-line documentation.

Use the links at the left side of this page to navigate through the documentation.

In order to edit anything in a rave7 managed web site, you first must assign security rights to the desired users.