Below you will find a list of documents that will help you be successful in your use the the rave7 Business System as well as sales support. Enjoy!

Sample Website Scoping Document (word doc)

This document is provided to give you a head start in creating a statement of work for your projects.

In the middle of delivering a project to a client is too late to begin managing their expectations. To be successful, you have to start managing expectations right from the get-go. It would be nice if you could just have a quick phone conversation to review their needs and then start development, but usually, it's not that easy.

The problem; We hear and interpret the same information differently. To protect yourself and your client, take the time to develop a detailed scoping document before you start a project to manage both of your expectations.

What does a scope document achieve? It spells out exactly what services you are going to provide for your client, and verifies the project’s who, what, when, where, and how. It also causes the client to validate your interpretation of the planned work. The level of detail you put into a scope document will vary based on the project and your client. The document should cover things like:

  • The problem/Need
  • The Plan
  • Resources Needed
  • Cost
  • Payment Plan
  • Project Scope

Start your projects right and you will reap the benefits at the end.

Professional Services

There are time when clients have special needs. Requirements that go beyond the standard functionality of the rave7 platform. We can help. Through our professional services, we can provide you with custom programming to build plugins, modules, integrate with other 3rd party API's and more. Contact us any time for a free consultation at 888.205.6035.

Request A Feature

Looking for a new feature in the rave7 platform? We provide platform customizations to accommodate for your unique business requirements. As a valued partner, we want to see you succeed and have the functionality that you see needed as you work with your clients. Submit a request.