Adding A Form To A Page

To add a form to a webpage, after navigating/editing the page, scroll down to the "Form" plugin at the right side of the editor and click the "Setup" link:

Adding A Form To A Page

This will open the setup for the form plugin that will allow you to select a form to use and and specify who the submitted information should be emailed to etc. Once you fill in the form information click the "Save/Add to Page" button. This saves your setup and adds the plugin code to the page:

Adding A Form To A Page

Following are the form plugin details

Adding A Form To A Page

Plugin Details


When the form is submitted, the information entered will be emailed to the indicated email address. You can enter multiple addresses by separating each address with a comma. 

Select a form

Use this option to select the desired form

Submission Response

When the user submits the form, the specified information will be displayed to the user

Email Message

When the user submits the form, the specified information will be emailed to the user


This option allows you to personalize the Email Message by adding information that the users entered. So if the form has a "First Name" field, you could enter:


[firstname]. Thank you for contacting us.

Email Newsletter

Allows you to email the selected newsletter to the submitter

Email Subject

Allows you to specify a subject for your email

Only Email (checkbox)

Clicking this checkbox will prevent the form from submitting information directly into the associated database.

Do not include form tag (checkbox)

This option is for programmers and it removes the form tag from the form.

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