Managing CRM Sections

CRM Sections are the links at the top and left side of the CRM Manager:

Managing CRM Sections

The system allows you to control theses sections, add/move them, and also determine what information each sections displays.

To manage the sections, click the "CRM Sections" link after accessing the "Admin Console":

Managing CRM Sections

This will display the list of the current sections: (Please note, you may have to click the small "plus" icon beside the "CRM Manager" option first)

Managing CRM Sections

To edit a section, click the edit pencil beside the section. To delete a section, click the trash can icon beside the section. To add a new section, click the "Add New" button.

Section Details

Let's review each element of the CRM Section edit/add form:

Managing CRM Sections

Section Title

The title of the section as it appears on the menus

Menu Location

Allows you to specify the location of the menu item. You can chose to have the option be displayed at the top of left side.

Table Plugin

Each section uses a table plugin to display a list of items from any table in the system. The table plugins are edited/created in the form designer. For example, the "accounts" table plugin is used for the Accounts section to display a list of all your accounts.


The category option allows you to create a one level sub-section for the left side options:

Managing CRM SectionsAt the left side of the CRM Manager, we can see there are 7 items in the General Category. This is where items go that are NOT categorized at all. In the Directory section three links have been added to that category in the setup.

So use this option to keep related options together.


Default Query

This is a developer option. If you know there table structure of the selected plugin, you can enter an SQL query to filter the desired records for the section. For example, if the section should only display accounts that have a account type of "lead" you would enter: custtype='lead'. This field will accept any valid SQL statement.

Select A Filter

Instead of using the above manual query option, you can create a filter visually using the "Table Filters" option:

Managing CRM Sections

Then you can select the desired filter for the section using this option.

Sort Order

You can specify the order in which you want the item to be displayed in the CRM Area here. You can also use drag & Drop directly on the table to re-arrange the items.

Search Fields

This option allows you to specify what fields will be search when users use the quick search option at the top left corner of the CRM Manager:

Managing CRM Sections

All selected fields will be searched when using this option.

Security Groups

This option restricts access to the section to users in the selected security group(s). 

Alternate URL

Allows you to specify an alternate URL overriding the display of the table plugin, to display any other desired module/option.