Template Cutin Guide

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Purpose This section of documentation is to guide you through the process of "cutting in" a template into the rave7 CMS. By template we mean either one of your own original designs, or perhaps a template you have downloaded from the Internet.
Example UsageIf you're working with an original design, you do not need to worry about the CMS initially. Use the developments tools you're accustomed to using to develop your home and sub-page templates.

Feel free to include any required JavaScript libraries like jQuery etc, and your CSS files. You should however name your main CSS file style.css. This way it will show up on an editing tab in the online editor. 

Whichever way you begin, once you have your template, please see this getting started tutorial on how to upload the template into the CMS.

Once upload, we begin the process of converting the static HTML elements into dynamic elements that allow users to edit the content.

Template Cut-In Video Gallery

The following videos go through the process of preparing, "cutting-in", a static HTML template into the CMS