Alert Rules

You can also setup alert rules to monitor and notify you or another user when cases fall with any specified parameters using the alert rule generator. Access the module by selecting "Alert Rules" from the System Menu:

Then click "Add New" to add a new rule. The following is the general setup for a rule for the call log:


The Schema File should be set to "call log.def", and the run interval should technically be set according to the time of the priority you are setting the rule up for. So if you're targeting a 2 hour priority, set the interval to 120.

After saving your new rule, click the "Edit Filter" link to edit the criteria for the rule:

The following is a sample of how to setup a rule to alert you for all open critical cases that have had no activity for 2 hours:

If you want to include only cases that are brand new and have never been updated, then add the following option: