The Knowledge Base

The rave7 Knowledge Base is a database of questions and answers. The Knowledge Base is a key component to your online support services. A well maintained Knowledge Base can provide a vital supply of information to your customers, enabling them to help themselves to commonly asked questions about your products and/or services.

Searching The Knowledge Base

After selecting the [Knowledge Base] link, the search screen is displayed:

Use the [Search] link to return to the search page once you execute a search or use another option.

Narrowing Your Search:

You may select a product, version, topic and/or subtopic to restrict the search to the options you select. If you use the default, (All), all categories will be searched.

Limit search to the following Article types:

This option allows you to limit your search to the indicated type of articles.

Search for keyword(s), Phrase, or Article No.:

Specify what you're looking for. You may use a phrase, just a few keywords, or you may specify an article number. For the best results, try to include as many relevant keywords relating to your problem.

Note: This system uses a weighted keyword search. This means that the more words you match in an article title, the higher the article will be displayed on the search results listing.

Note: If you do not specify a search string when you execute a search, all articles from the selected category will be listed.

More Options:

These options are provided so you may further restrict your search:

Title Only (faster) and Title and Solution (slower):

Title Only searches just the article's title. This option is faster than the Title and solution option, which searches both the article's title and solution. In addition, the Title only search provides a ranked listing displaying the most relevant articles at the top of the display. The 'Title and solution search displays an unordered listing.

Modified Date Range:

Restricts search results to articles modified between the specified dates.

New articles from the last (X) days:

Provides a quick way to select articles that were modified recently, where (X) signifies the number of days.


Restricts search results to articles created by the selected person.

Document Version:

Restricts search results to the selected document versions.

Once the search results are displayed, click on the title of an article to view the solution:

As in the following diagram, the article title and other article details are listed at the top of the form, followed by the solution:

Section (A) allows you to indicate whether the article was useful or not by clicking one of the three radio buttons and then clicking the [Submit] button. These responses can be monitored by the system manager.

Option (B) provides a convenient way to post a question to the support forum if you cannot find the information you're looking for.

Option (C) allows you to email the article to someone who you feel may benefit from the article.The