Implied Consent, Subscriptions and Opt-Ins

When you schedule a newsletter or a promotional campaign, the following conditions must apply in order for a user to get your email.

A. The users account information must match that of the selected segment. (This functionality has not changed)

B. One of the following 2 conditions must now also be met according to the new CASL anti-spam laws:

1. If you're sending a newsletter, the user must have subscribed to receive the newsletter. If you're sending a promotional email, the user must have opted-in to receive your promotional emails.


2. The user must have the "Implied Consent" field set in their account. This is a new field that has been added to the top right corner of the account and contact forms:

The Implied Consent list includes the approved regulatory reasons a user has implied consent to receive your emails.

If neither of the above 2 conditions are met, the user will not receive the email even if the segment matches their account information.