Emailing The Same Form To different Recipients

There are times when you may need to use the same form on the same page to email the submitted form data to different recipients. This avoids having to create separate pages with separate for plugin setups for each page. This functionality also hides the real email address used from the Internet throughout the entire process.

This is how you can set this functionality up:

1. Edit the form plugin setup information and scroll to the following section:


Enter all the desired email addresses prefixed with an easy to remember reference. So above, we entered [email protected] and [email protected]. Then all we have to do is use a link to tell the form which email address to send the submitted form data to as follows.

Let's say we want to create a different page that has among other things, the following content:

Email Dave Wilson
Email Ben Davis

Let's assume the Document ID of the page that has the form on it is 14500. If we wanted to create a link to so that the submitted form data went to Dave, we would edit this page, highlight the "Email Dave Wilson" text, and click the Link icon on the tool bar:

Then we would manually enter the following link:

The format of the link is as follows and is standard rave7 link syntax:

/p means we want to go link to a page. Here we need to go to the page with the form on it, in our example being 14500, therefore /p14500/.

Next, we need to tell the form what email address we want the submitted data to be emailed to, so we use the emailto parameter together with the email address reference. Back in step 1. we entered [email protected], so since we want to use Dave, we add:


and finally, we just enter some friendly text to the link: (it could be any text you want, it does not matter)


So the full final link is:


the link for Ben would be:


For additional clarity, in step 1. for Dave, we could have entered:

[email protected]

Then the link we need would be: /p/14500/emailto/dw/email-dave or /p/14500/emailto/dw/email-dave-wilson

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