The rave7 CRM System is not just a simple contact database, but a full blown CRM. Track Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Contact activity, opportunities and so much more. It's where you can track and build relationships with your clients.
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A True CRM Engine - Not Just A Database of Contacts!
  • The Contact Manager is the heart of any successful integrated marketing, relationship nurturing or communication strategy
  • Simple database development: Build your contact database through direct data entry using the CRM Admin interface, or by importing Excel files or comma delimited text files from external sources.  The data import wizard provides a simple data mapping tool so you don’t have to pre-format your input files.
  • Contact record flexibility:  Format your contact database to suit your specific requirements, adding profile or segment fields for sorting / reporting, descriptive text fields for reference, transaction or activity history etc.
  • Highly personalized marketing and communication campaigns: Build and execute campaigns based on contact profiles and preferences – no more generic messages that are irrelevant to the recipients!
  • Personalize any communication with detail from any field in the CRM database, as well as any digital image or other asset in the content / digital asset management (CMS) library
  • Using a contact category field, drive targeted communications to different types of contacts from a single source

Manage More Than Just Customers!

  • Use the integrated email, web, pURL, print and social media capabilities and the CRM contact database to generate qualified new leads through highly targeted personalized communications and automated response management
  • Nurture prospect relationships through a series of strategically planned communications, calls to action and offers that lead to engagement and an ongoing business relationship


  • Maintain ongoing contact and build loyalty with engaged customers through scheduled emails, newsletters, blogs, surveys, offers, loyalty incentives, etc.
  • Leverage the rave7™ Help Desk to ensure best-in-class customer experience and fast response to incidents:  drive customer satisfaction and retention

Remote Sales Teams, Agencies, Partners

  • Maintain close online contact with physically remote teams
  • Communicate special offers and launch products / services
  • Provide online resources such as document templates, manuals, videos and marketing collateral through the rave7™ CMS
  • Support local marketing campaigns through the centrally managed rave7™ CRM and branded digital assets
  • Create, manage and update a central website using rave7™ CMS, with easy-to-create and manage subsidiary agent / partner web pages; protect integrity of strategic branded elements but enable pre-defined personalization capability


  • Manage vendor profiles and capabilities
  • Maintain close communications with key strategic vendors
  • Track vendor performance

User Communities, Associations

  • Create and manage forums, sources of online help or resources, downloadable reference material etc.
  •  Links with Social Media platforms
  • Manage membership lists, renewals, donations
  • Plan and manage events and training, including online registrations, payment and pre-event communications