rave7™ makes email marketing easy!  So keeping in touch with your customers us easy by do "email blasts" and Loyalty campaign and auto-responders. We do all the heavy lifting so you don't have to. 


Email Marketing

rave7™ combines sophisticated features such as surveys, auto-responders, and RSS feeds into this all inclusive module.  rave7™ allows you to predefine all of the parameters of your campaign so that the campaign can begin even when you are not there.

Build Email Lists

rave7™ allows you to easily build targeted emails lists using segments or manually. You can also import users from Excel sheets.

Capture Results

Clients can track open and click-through rates. Once on the site, the system will also track every link the users clicks and record it in their profile in the CRM area. This allows your client to measure the effectiveness of their email campaigns in real time.

PURL Campaigns

PURL (personalized URL) is a URL created with customer data, such as identity.  PURL Marketing gives you, the Client, the ability to deliver high quality, accurate personalized direct marketing via the web.  PURLs can assist your marketing campaigns by delivering results-oriented marketing solutions.

PURLs assist by bridging the gap between large and smaller organizations who typically have reduced marketing budgets.  By deploying innovative
PURL direct marketing promotions or PURL campaigns smaller businesses can enjoy the same results as their larger counterparts.

PURLs are often used in conjunction with direct mail campaigns to boost response rates and provide better reporting methods.  With PURL technology, companies can track a customer’s activity in real-time.  This information can be used to tailor future communications with the customer to ensure a more personalized and relevant experience, thereby generating more qualified leads and increasing sales.  And because marketers know instantly when a prospect enters a PURL, marketers can collect qualifies leads and craft subsequent, one-on-one communications with this prospect in real-time with relevant data.