06 Nov

How to manually add contacts to an email list

Using the Email Campaigns module you can create email lists to send email broadcasts to your customers. Email lists can include segments so that you don't have to manually add contacts to the list, or you can add them manually if you want.

05 Nov

CSS Selectors

Here's a great article we found over at the NETTUTS site on CSS selectors. It talks about selectors that are not so commonly used, but are necessary for better more streamlined coding.


05 Nov

Hot to add a new Blog post

Your blog will help you get your message out to your targeted audience. Adding new Blog posts within ravey7 is quick and easy. This video tutorial quickly show you how it's done..

01 Nov

Adding a form to a page

It's real easy to add forms to your pages. rave7 comes with a boat load of forms you can use for your pages out of the box.

01 Nov

Templates 101 - An introduction to rave7 templates

This video reviews the rave7 templating system by disusing the simple barebones template included with rave7. It reviews the template structure as well as the use of plugins and the main tabs in the template editing area.

01 Nov

Using the Media Manager

rave7 has an easy to use Media Manager that allows you to upload and add images, videos and other documents to your web pages.

Access the Admin Console and then click the "Media" icon to access the Media Manager.

All your uploaded media is listed with thumbnails and you can use the "Edit" link to edit the files meta-data.

01 Nov

How to add new administrative users

Administrative users can administrate all aspects of rave7. User can also have assigned security so they can only access exactly what you want them to access.

01 Nov

An introduction to the admin console

The Admin Console is where you setup all aspects of Rave7. To access the console click the link at the bottom of the web site. You can also access the Admin Console from the top left corner of the welcome menu.