What's new in rave7 (Version 7.7.04)

We have removed the more advanced options from the previously labeled "Setup" tab, and moved them to a new tab "Advanced Setup". So now the "Basic Setup" tab just has the options most used when setting up a page.

We have reorganized the link options on the "Settings" tab. Options that would make a link public or private are now grouped together:

New Page Variables

We've added a series of page variables that you can use in a template. The variables either return information that you can output:


or they are boolean variables so you can check their value and take the desired action:


These variables return the information from the page setup:






page.useimagecroller (1) (boolean)
page.removeelement (2) (boolean)
page.usesidebar (3) (boolean)

page.inshoppingcart (boolean)

Set to true if the user selected link inside the shopping cart


Added a n new "Page Views" graph to the admin console:

Plain Text Editor

There are times when you need or want to edit a page using plain text. Now, when you use the option on the page "Settings" tab to edit the page in plain text:

(Please note when you activate this option, you have to save the page and re-edit it)

Instead of a textarea field, we are now using the same code editor used to edit your templates:

What's new in rave7 (Version 7.7.00)

The major change with this version of rave7 is the re-organization of the Admin Console. As per the following image, we've removed the prior accordion menu from the left side of the console and replaced it with the document tree. The menu options are now in a drop down menu:

When you hover your mouse over either the "Main" or "System" menu options, the menu options will drop down:

Changed the "Site Home Page" link to "Add Main Menu Item":

This option will immediately open the WYSIWYG editor and default the "Document Type" field to "Main Menu Item".

The "Edit" icon opens the current template in the editor and the "Templates" icon list all your templates:

In the top right corner of the console is a new "Help" option:

This option will be present on select forms and modules to provide online assistance using rave7.

We've changed the search results when using the search option at the top of the console. The results now include;

  • An option to view the web page in context in the tree
  • An option to edit the page
  • An option to view the page

They also include a portion of the actual page text.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the search search the page title and the full page HTML text. So for example if you searched using ".jpg" you'd find all pages that have a .jpg image on it...